Students and graduates

studenci_absolwenciIf you are a student or a university graduate starting your professional career, if you are interested in finance, audit or accounting, if you want to gain experience and develop your career in an auditing company, join us. Students are offered the possibility to complete student training with us and university graduates – the possibility to gain professional experience. We guarantee development and extending professional skills and knowledge thanks to work in a dynamic team and in a professional and comprehensive environment. In turn, we expect engagement in gaining knowledge, positive attitude and active cooperation.

You can send your CV and cover letter to:

Statutory auditor trainees

If you meet the criteria specified by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors concerning the commencement of your apprenticeship in an entity authorised to audit financial statements, if you are flexible and know Microsoft Word and Excel, you are invited to complete your apprenticeship with us, based on an employment contract or an apprenticeship contract.

You can send your CV and cover letter to:

Statutory auditors

If you are an active statutory auditor, if you know foreign languages and value professionalism in building relations with Clients, if you are highly engaged in developing your professional potential and want to cooperate with a dynamic and competent team, contact us.

You can send your CV and cover letter to: